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Our Story

Validate ID Ltd is the leading provider of authentication solutions designed to assist the education sector to conform to UKVI & OFS Right To Study, Right To Work, including Student Route (Tier 4) Compliance requirements.  Already installed in 55+ UK's Universities, VALIDATE is being continually developed and improved with the contributions from our customers.

Our Vision

To provide easy to use systems that allow customers to automate Right To Study & Right To Work ID checks .which adhere to UKVI guidelines.


Validate is a desktop based Client/Server application that utilises a combination of "Border Level" Document Forensics hardware and SQL Database software.


How Validate works


Validate software is a traditional client/server application. Each document scan is stored on an MS SQL Server database hosted within your environment avoiding potential GDPR issues.  Sophisticated queries ensures accurate and secure record keeping. The reporting function allows access to a wide variety of default reports which greatly assists customers preparing for UKVI Audits.


VALIDATE has been designed to quickly CAPTURE, VERIFY, EXTRACT & STORE large volumes of data from a range of Identity documents. VALIDATE improves processes, significantly speeds up enrolment (process a Passport, Visa Vignette & BRP in under 90 seconds) and enables customers to analyse employees & students identity documentation against a database of over 7500+ document types covering 244 countries and territories - in real time with zero "pay per scan" costs.

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