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VALIDATE ID is the exclusive UK & Irish distributor for the Regula Forensics - a global player within Document & Banknote Forensics Equipment, Consultancy & Border Control Training.

Whilst there is an extensive range of Document Reader models, listed below are the most popular that we provide in tandem with our Validate software.

REGULA MODEL 7024M.xxx (IR/UV/AAC & RFID) https://regulaforensics.com/en/products/machine_verification/70x4m/

REGULA MODEL 7027.xxx (RFID + UV - NO IR or AAC) https://regulaforensics.com/en/products/machine_verification/7017/

REGULA MODEL 70X9 (BUILT IN PC) https://regulaforensics.com/en/products/machine_verification/70x9/

REGULA MODEL 72x3 (ID1 CARDS ONLY)  https://regulaforensics.com/en/products/machine_verification/72x3/

REGULA MODEL 7308 (FULLY MOBILE SOLUTION) https://regulaforensics.com/en/products/machine_verification/7308/ 

For further information contact our sales team on: + 44 (0) 1865 591 811