Validate's SECURE BIOMETRIC ACCESS CONTROL (SBAC) SYSTEMS provide complete enrolment, verification and database software in a single compact fingerprint reader - designed to improve access control management of Cash & Valuables In Transit vehicles.

The system works by matching a biometric feature (fingerprint) with a second unique identifier which, utilises our own algorithm. The second identifier can be a card (Magnetic stripe or iClass), or a PIN. The card can also carry the biometric template for extra security.  Specialist Readers are mounted on each specialist armoured CVIT vehicle, to control access and actual movement of the vehicle. The SBAC System is connected to the Vehicle Control System, and each time the Vehicle stops is immobilised until the unit has verified the fingerprint of both members of staff designated to drive that vehicle.

The benefits of preventing a vehicle full of cash from being driven off by unauthorised personnel are self-­evident.

Reliability is the highest priority there are in excess of three thousand vehicles operating across the U.K. As the system verifies the crew after each drop-off/pick-up, these units are reliably performing almost 1.5 million “verification” transactions per week.

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